The Broken Glass Kids

My name is Claire and I'm 17. You can follow me on my other blog If you have a twitter follow me @clairebear190

sosickofthehoboz asked: My name is Claire I'm 16 and I love Bob's Burgers. This is a frightening moment for me


I’m sorry its so frightening. If it makes you feel any better I’m 17 now, I just forgot to update that. 

dixonebel asked: Hi!! I'm just wondering since I'm also a teenage mega Tina fan, do you ship Tina with J-Ju or with Josh..? :3


I ship the Tina, J-Ju, Josh love triangle in its entirety I think Tina should be with both. 

Anonymous asked: How many seasons are there of bobs burgers? And is there any word of more being made?


There are 3 complete seasons. New episodes of the fourth season are aired Sunday nights on Fox. Also Bob’s Burgers has already been renewed for a 5th season.

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